4. Topical Reports During the months following the Workshop, each of the 8 topical groups completed a report. Authored by the co-chairs (with feedback from key members of their group), its purpose was to capture the sense and insights of the working group. The length and substance of the reports was left to the discretion of the co-chairs, with the following core instruction: capture the motivation and insights behind the statements/bullets, using a structured narrative that could be 3-10 pages in length (the majority ended up 6 pages). Since the purpose was to capture the 9 hours of time spent on the given topical area by a diverse team of experts, in preparing their report, the co-chairs were not given access to the summary results (which were evolving during the same time period). All reports were lightly edited, in two ways: to create a level of uniformity in organization and style, and to reorder the presentation (and numbering scheme) of the statements/bullets based on the rank-ordering by all participants (but without changing the actual discussion). Of note is that often only a prioritized subset of the bullets within a certain category (e.g., barriers) could be presented to the assembled group on the last day (Friday); in such cases the only documentation of the bullet is then within the respective report. Each report stands on its own as a useful document, and these reports represent one of the key contributions of this Workshop.

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