TopTemp: Parsing Precipitate Structure from Temper Topology

  title={TopTemp: Parsing Precipitate Structure from Temper Topology},
  author={Lara Kassab and Scott Howland and Henry Kvinge and Keerti Kappagantula and Tegan H. Emerson},
Technological advances are in part enabled by the development of novel manufacturing processes that give rise to new materials or material property improvements. Development and evaluation of new manufacturing methodologies is labor-, time-, and resource-intensive expensive due to complex, poorly defined relationships between advanced manufacturing process parameters and the resulting microstructures. In this work, we present a topological representation of temper (heat-treatment) dependent… 

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A TopTemp Fine-scale Thresholding In Figure 3, we showcase the lower star image filtrations for a finer choice of thresholds. We observe from the persistence diagrams that the "as extruded