Top Secret War: Rhodesian Special Operations

  title={Top Secret War: Rhodesian Special Operations},
  author={Charles D. Melson},
  journal={Small Wars \& Insurgencies},
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The self-governing colony of Southern Rhodesia in Africa fought a low-intensity conflict for more than a decade as part of its bid for independence and dominance of its African majority population by a European minority. Crucial to this was a small professional armed force (police, Army and Air Force) that was able to provide internal security, border control and conduct successful counter-insurgency operations within its own borders. When the Frontline States of Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique… Expand
Rhodesia's Approach to Counterinsurgency: A Preference for Killing
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] IN THE 1970s, a bloody insurgency took place in Rhodesia, now present-day Zimbabwe. African insurgents faced a settler-state determined to keep power in white hands. TheExpand
Ignore culture in counterinsurgency at your own Peril: Rhodesian propaganda warfare during the Zimbabwe war of liberation in Chilonga, Chiredzi South-East of Zimbabwe
ABSTRACT This article discusses the Rhodesian Front regime propaganda warfare strategy during Zimbabwe’s war of liberation. It uses the case of the Chilonga area of Chiredzi located in the south-eastExpand
Bush War: The Use of Surrogates in Southern Africa (1975-1989)
Abstract : The purpose of this monograph is to examine the use of indigenous surrogates by both the Republic of South Africa and Rhodesia in Southern Africa's Bush Wars from 1975 to 1989. The BushExpand
Unsung Heroes? The Rhodesian Defence Regiment and Counterinsurgency, 1973–80
This article examines the Rhodesian Defence Regiment’s role in the Rhodesian Security Forces’ counterinsurgency efforts against the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army and Zimbabwe People’sExpand
Strategies for countering terrorist safe havens
Abstract : More than a decade after the attacks on 9/11, United States leadership continues to place a high priority on pursuing terrorists and denying them safe havens from which they can recruit,Expand
PERSPECTIVES ON TERRORISM Volume 5 , Issues 3 -‐ 4 15 September 2011
In 1994, Martha Crenshaw’s edited volume Terrorism in Africa made clear how terrorism – generally defined as a tactic that uses violence or the threat of violence as a coercive strategy to cause fearExpand
Is Africa Seeing Fourth Generation Warfare, or is the Model Flawed?
Fourth Generation Warfare is a theory of contemporary warfare that posits a number of different ideas that are able to shed light on current conflicts. Whilst much of the debate has been concentratedExpand
A Line in the Sand a Historical Study of Border Security During Insurgencies and Lessons for the Contemporary Afghan-Pakistan Frontier
Abstract : There is increasing consensus amongst those nations engaged in the stabilisation and reconstruction of Afghanistan that Taliban sanctuaries in the ungoverned border regions of Pakistan areExpand
Hunting Leadership Targets in Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorist Operations: Selected Perspectives and Experience
Abstract : In this monograph, the author discusses the critical topic of targeting leadership to defeat an opponent in a counterterrorism or counterinsurgency campaign. Dr. Turbiville approaches theExpand
Parameters of Simplicity as a Principle of Special Operations
The study examined whether various aspects of simplicity, as a principle of special operations, were associated with the rate of success. These were a number of objectives, unit size, dependency onExpand


Counter-Insurgency in Rhodesia
1. A Brief History of the War for Zimbabwe: 1890 to 1979 2. Command and Control 3. Protected and Consolidated Villages 4. Border Minefield Obstacles 5. Pseudo Operations and the Selous Scouts 6.Expand
Soldiers in Zimbabwe's liberation war
ZIPRA, Dumiso Dabengwa recruitment in ZANLA, Josia Tungamirai ZAPU military strategy, Jeremy Brickhill the Zimbabwe's People's Army, David Moore guerrilla-civilian relations - contrasts withExpand
Renamo: Terrorism in Mozambique
..". this study will testify to the nature of Renamo's chaotic search for power as Mozambique moves from Afro-Marxist policies toward a more democratic multiparty state." --Choice..". an invaluableExpand
Storming the Bastille
FRENCH SCIENCEGIF-SUR-YVETTE, FRANCE-- French research has long been dominated by a "mandarinate": a quasi-feudal hierarchy that concentrates funds and vests power in a relatively small number of labExpand
The deadly deception
Interestingly, deadly deception that you really wait for now is coming. It's significant to wait for the representative and beneficial books to read. Every book that is provided in better way andExpand
Chapter 21
This chapter marks the beginning of our look at waves, which we will investigate over the next five chapters. Waves are incredibly important to us, and to plants and animals in general. When we talkExpand
Killers in sand-colored berets
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A result was that up until 1980, the South African's maintained a minimal chemical and biological agenda, again as reflected through their sources
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