Top Quark Production Cross Section at E Cm = 1.96tev


The top quark was discovered by the DØ and CDF collaborations in 19951,2 at the Tevatron pp̄ collider. Top quarks are produced mainly in pairs through the strong interaction at the Tevatron. The Standard Model cross section including NNLO soft-gluon corrections is σtt̄ = 6.77±0.47pb 3. The decay of the two top quarks, t → Wb, leads to three distinct final state signatures, depending on the decay products of the W . The lepton+jets channel where one of the W ’s decays to an electron or a muon and the other one decays hadronically contains about 30% of the tt̄ events. The di-lepton channel where both W ’s decay to an electron or a muon contains only about 5% of the tt̄ events, but it also has small backgrounds. The all-hadronic channel where both W ’s decay hadronically contains 44% of the tt̄ events but it also suffers from very large backgrounds due to QCD multi-jet production. Tau decays of the W are not considered here. In this paper we present preliminary results for the cross section measurement from the DØ and CDF experiments in the lepton+jets, di-lepton, and all-hadronic channels in Run II at the Tevatron with a center-of-mass energy of 1.96TeV.

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