Top Pair Production at Hadron Colliders in non - minimal Standard Models


The cross section of top pair production in hadronic collisions to O(ααs) is calculated within the General 2-Higgs-Doublet Model and the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model. At the parton level theO(α) one-loop corrections to the main production mechanisms, qq → tt and gg → tt, significantly modify the Born-cross sections: in the threshold region √ ŝ > ∼ 2mt they are enhanced up to 50% and with increasing cm energy √ ŝ, they can be reduced by up to the same order of magnitude. In a wide range of the parameter space of the models under consideration the observable hadronic cross sections for top pair production at the Tevatron pp → ttX and at the LHC pp → ttX are typically reduced by several percent ( < ∼ 10%) compared to the lowest order result. In special regions of the parameter space, that is in the vicinity of the threshold for the top quark decay t → b H+ ; t̃ χ̃0, the radiative corrections are considerably enhanced, comparable in size to QCD effects. ∗E-mail: 1

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