Tooth dimensions in hypodontia with a known PAX9 mutation.

  title={Tooth dimensions in hypodontia with a known PAX9 mutation.},
  author={Alan Henry Brook and Claire Elcock and Manish Aggarwal and Darren L Lath and J M Russell and Pragna I. Patel and Richard N. Smith},
  journal={Archives of oral biology},
  volume={54 Suppl 1},
AIM Congenital absence of teeth is a complex condition affecting several parameters of oral development. This is the first study to measure tooth crown dimensions using image analysis in a family with hypodontia in whom the mutation has been identified, and compare them with a control group. METHODS AND RESULTS Study models were obtained from 10 family members from three generations affected by severe hypodontia with a missense mutation in PAX9 and 10 unaffected, unrelated controls. Using… CONTINUE READING