Tool Support for Dynamic Development Processes

  title={Tool Support for Dynamic Development Processes},
  author={Thomas Heer and Markus Heller and Bernhard Westfechtel and Ren{\'e} W{\"o}rzberger},
  booktitle={Graph Transformations and Model-Driven Engineering},
Development processes in engineering disciplines are highly dynamic. Since development projects cannot be planned completely in advance, the process to be executed changes at run time. We present a process management system which seamlessly integrates planning and enactment. The system manages processes at the project management level, but goes beyond the functionality of project management systems inasmuch as it both monitors and controls development processes and supports enactment of tasks… 

Controlling Development Processes

  • T. Heer
  • Computer Science
    Aachener Informatik-Berichte, Software Engineering
  • 2011
This thesis describes a new concept for a process management system, which combines the strengths of the aforementioned tools and eliminates their deficiencies by substantial extensions with respect to task scheduling, progress measurement, and change management in development projects.

Requirements of dynamic business processes - a survey

The analysis shows that there is no common definition of a dynamic business process and the analyzed approaches are incapable to implement the dynamicity of the business processes, since they do not meet all of the identified requirements.

Do We Really Know How to Support Processes? Considerations and Reconstruction

  • S. Jablonski
  • Business
    Graph Transformations and Model-Driven Engineering
  • 2010
In this contribution, the real requirements of process management are reconstructed which are the basis for the construction of working process solutions.

Selection of Activities in Dynamic Business Process Simulation

This paper proposes and specifies dynamic business process (DBP) simulation model, which satisfies all of the formulated DBP requirements.

Model-Driven Context-Aware Approach to Software Configuration Management: A Focus on Small and Medium Software Development Firms

No specific contextualized software configuration management model was in existence to address the needs of small and medium software development firms in developing countries including Kenya, and a proposed model was highly approved and recommended by the respondents.



Workflows in Dynamic Development Processes

This integrated solution targets the specific needs for the management of engineering design processes in the plant construction domain as an extension to a commercial CAE-tool, and it will be evaluated in industrial practice in the near future.

Dynamic Process Management Based upon Existing Systems

In the past funding periods of the CRC 476 the process management system AHEAD has been developed as a research prototype (cf. 3.4). The project T6 aims at transferring the corresponding research

Workflow instance scheduling with project management tools

  • C. Bussler
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings Ninth International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications (Cat. No.98EX130)
  • 1998
The possibility of an integration of WFMSs with PM tools is explored in this paper in order to enable scheduled workflow instance execution.

Integrating Process and Project Management for Multi-Site Software Development

IPPM is a tool, which integrates features for process and project management, resolves differences between existing project and process tools, and provides a number of unique features to support multi-site development.

Software Process: Principles, Methodology, and Technology

This book concentrates on the core technology of software processes, its principles and concepts as well as the technical aspect of software process support.

Managing evolving workflow specifications

  • Gregor JoerisO. Herzog
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. 3rd IFCIS International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (Cat. No.98EX122)
  • 1998
In their workflow-specific versioning approach, the consistency of the workflow configuration is guaranteed and hence the version mechanism is transparent to the user and the problem of managing consistent configurations of the versioned entities of a workflow schema is addressed.

Endeavors: a process system integration infrastructure

Endeavors' solution architecture achieves its goals and design strategies through application of five key design strategies by maintaining multiple object model layers and implementing the architecture as a set of highly componentized, lightweight, transportable, concurrent elements.

Models and Tools for Managing Development Processes

  • B. Westfechtel
  • Business, Engineering
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science
  • 1999
This work proposes an Adaptable Environment for Modeling and Managing Development Processes and a Management System for Mechanical Engineering based on the SUKITS Project.

Tolerating Deviations in Process Support Systems via Flexible Enactment of Process Models

  • G. Cugola
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Trans. Software Eng.
  • 1998
This paper deals with the problem of managing unforeseen situations that require deviations from the process model during enactment in the context of the PROSYT (PROcess Support sYstem capable of Tolerating deviations) PSS.

DYNAMITE: DYNAMIc Task nEts for software process management

In order to describe editing and enactment (and their interaction) in a uniform way, task nets are formally defined by means of a programmed graph rewriting system.