Toogle: A CPS Platform for Equipment Tracking in Shipyards

  title={Toogle: A CPS Platform for Equipment Tracking in Shipyards},
  author={Rafael Augusto Penna dos Santos and Silvia Silva da Costa Botelho and Nelson Duarte Filho and Danubia Bueno Espindola and Marcos Andrex0301 do Amaral Bichet},
  journal={2014 Symposium on Automation and Computation for Naval, Offshore and Subsea (NAVCOMP)},
This paper presents the Toogle platform, proposal to implementing physical and virtual systems. It is based on a conceptual model defined for Internet of Things problems. Its architecture has a series of modules for creating, editing, browsing, formalize, plan and simulate the behavior of physical components and virtual in some environments. A case study is… CONTINUE READING