Tonic immobility as a measure of fear in domestic fowl

  title={Tonic immobility as a measure of fear in domestic fowl},
  author={Gordon G. Jr. Gallup},
  journal={Animal Behaviour},
  • G. Gallup
  • Published 1 February 1979
  • Biology
  • Animal Behaviour

Proactive common waxbills make fewer mistakes in a cognitive assay, the detour-reaching task

Reactive individuals explore and make decisions more slowly than proactive individuals, paying more attention to external cues. Reactive personality types are therefore predicted to make fewer

Effect of Egg Weights on Hatching Results, Broiler Performance and Some Stress Parameters

The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of hatching egg weight of broiler parent stocks on hatching results, chick performance, carcass carcass performance, and chick performance in broiler chicks of Hebridean hens.

Fluctuating asymmetry in hens laying brown eggs with shell color abnormalities or internal inclusions.

The relationships between the incidence of internal inclusions and indicators of stress have been studied only by CAMPO and GIL (1998) in two brown egg Spanish breeds of chickens and found that hens laying pink eggs from three different brown egg laying Spanish breeds had significantly shorter tonic immobility duration and higher heterophil to lymphocyte ratio than hens from the normal brown shell group.

How Inhibitory Control Relates to Positive and Negative Affective States in Red Junglefowl

Individual differences in inhibitory control, an aspect of cognition, are found in many species. How this variation links to affective states is not much explored, and could be relevant for welfare.

Evaluation of Light Color Manipulation on Behavior and Welfare of Broiler Chickens.

It was concluded that switching of light from green to blue (4GB) at four weeks of age fostered ideal behavior and stimulated growth in broilers but had no effect on welfare parameters.

Maladaptive Alterations of Defensive Response Following Developmental Complex Stress in Rats

  • Junhyun KimMinkyung Park J. Seok
  • Psychology, Biology
    Clinical psychopharmacology and neuroscience : the official scientific journal of the Korean College of Neuropsychopharmacology
  • 2020
Investigation of the effects of multiple trauma-like stress during different developmental periods in male Sprague-Dawley rats shows that complex stress may affect not quantity ofFear response but characteristics of fear response.


It was concluded that the medium to heavy weight eggs are better eggs for hatching results and chick weight, and the selection of medium and heavyWeight eggs forHatching implementations in Japanese Quails is recommended.

High-resolution behavioral time series of Japanese quail within their social environment

By continuously monitoring each bird in these small social groups, this approach provides the opportunity to perform precise quantification of the temporal dynamics of behavior at an individual level within different social scenarios including when an individual showing continued aggressive behaviors is present.



The Effect of Distance Between Predator and Prey and the Opportunity to Escape on Tonic Immobility in Anolis Carolinensis

The idea that tonic immobility (TI) may be a reaction to predation has received increasing support in recent years. It follows, from this view, that distance between predator and prey and opportunity

The Immobility Response: A Predator-Induced Reaction in Chickens

Chickens restrained in the presence of a stuffed hawk remained immobile appreciably longer than controls. The extent to which the hawk influenced susceptibility to immobility also varied as a

Tonic immobility in chickens: Is a stimulus that signals shock more aversive than the receipt of shock?

The data were discussed in terms of the fear hypothesis of animal hypnosis and as supporting a more general notion that the anticipation of shock may be more aversive than the receipt of shock.

The effects of a tranquilizer on the immobility reaction in chickens: Additional support for the fear hypothesis

In terms of number of inductions needed to elicit the immobility response, chickens given metoserpate HCL (Pacitran) were found to be significantly less susceptible toImmobility than controls, lending support to the notion that fear is what underlies tonic immobilities reactions in young chicks.

Effect of food deprivation and a visual cliff on tonic immobility

Contrary to the contention that generalized arousal is the common denominator of situations designed to enhance tonic immobility, the effect of food deprivation on immobility time and ease of