Tongue pressure in patients with tongue cancer resection and reconstruction.

  title={Tongue pressure in patients with tongue cancer resection and reconstruction.},
  author={Atsumori Hamahata and Takesi Beppu and Satoshi Shirakura and Akio Hatanaka and Takashi Yamaki and Takashi Saitou and Hiroyuki Sakurai},
  journal={Auris, nasus, larynx},
  volume={41 6},
OBJECTIVE Assessment of tongue function following tongue reconstruction is important to evaluate patient status. To assess tongue function in patients who had undergone tongue reconstruction, the surgical team used a simple, hand-held tongue pressure measurement device to measure tongue power. METHODS Tongue power of 30 patients (25 males, 5 females; average age: 53.6±15.0 years) was calculated using a hand-held tongue pressure measurement device, six months postoperation. The defects were… CONTINUE READING
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