Tone and accent in Saramaccan: charting a deep split in the phonology of a language

  title={Tone and accent in Saramaccan: charting a deep split in the phonology of a language},
  author={J. Good},
  • J. Good
  • Published 2004
  • History
  • Lingua
  • Saramaccan, an Atlantic creole spoken in Surinam, has traditionally been analyzed as exhibiting a high-tone/low-tone opposition in its lexicon. However, while it is true that part of its lexicon exhibits a robust high/low opposition, the majority of its words are marked not for tone but pitch accent. The Saramaccan lexicon, therefore, is split with some words being marked for tone and other words marked for accent. This lexical split has important effects in the phrasal phonology of the… CONTINUE READING
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