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Tommaso Campanella: The Book and the Body of Nature

  title={Tommaso Campanella: The Book and the Body of Nature},
  author={Germana Ernst and D. Marshall},
I. The Book of Nature. 1. "I was seduced by Telesio" 2. Philosophy Demonstrated through the Senses. 3. From Naples to Padua. Encounters, Conflicts, Trials. II. From the Palace of Atlas to the Way Back. Dogma and Politics. The Dialogo contro Luterani. 2. The Italian Poetica. 3. Natural Philosophy in the Epilogo magno. 4. Natural ethics. . Machiavellianism and Universal Monarchy: the Monarchia di Spagna. III. The Conspiracy. 1. The Utopia of Liberty. 2. The Trials. Heresy, Rebellion, Prophecy. 3… Expand
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