Tolkien’s Creation of the Impression of Depth

  title={Tolkien’s Creation of the Impression of Depth},
  author={Michael D. C. Drout and Michael D. C. Namiko Rachel Hitotsubashi and Michael D. C. Namiko Rachel Scavera},
  journal={Tolkien Studies},
  pages={167 - 211}
O of the most celebrated aesthetic effects of J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings is the “impression of depth” that these works create,2 the sense that behind the immediate text “there was a coherent, consistent, deeply fascinating world about which he had no time (then) to speak” (Shippey, Road 228–29). Tolkien himself identified this quality in works of medieval literature that had “deep roots in the past” that were “made of tales often told before and elsewhere, and of elements that derive from remote… Expand
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