Tolerating Dependences Between Large Speculative Threads Via Sub-Threads

  title={Tolerating Dependences Between Large Speculative Threads Via Sub-Threads},
  author={Christopher B. Colohan and Anastasia Ailamaki and J. Gregory Steffan and Todd C. Mowry},
  journal={33rd International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA'06)},
Thread-level speculation (TLS) has proven to be a promising method of extracting parallelism from both integer and scientific workloads, targeting speculative threads that range in size from hundreds to several thousand dynamic instructions and have minimal dependences between them. Recent work has shown that TLS can offer compelling performance improvements for database workloads, but only when targeting much larger speculative threads of more than 50,000 dynamic instructions per thread, with… CONTINUE READING
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