Tolerance Analysis of Cross-Eye Jamming Systems


The matching required between the two directions through a retrodirective cross-eye jammer is considered using both the traditional phase-front analysis and an extended analysis. The design parameters to achieve a specified tracking error are derived and an optimal design is proposed. The results for the extended analysis show that the tolerances required to induce large angular errors in a monopulse radar are not as strict as the traditional analysis suggests.

DOI: 10.1109/TAES.2011.5705705

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@article{duPlessis2011ToleranceAO, title={Tolerance Analysis of Cross-Eye Jamming Systems}, author={W. P. duPlessis and Johann W. Odendaal and Johan Joubert}, journal={IEEE Trans. Aerospace and Electronic Systems}, year={2011}, volume={47}, pages={740-745} }