Tolerability of large-dose intravenous levobupivacaine in sheep.

  title={Tolerability of large-dose intravenous levobupivacaine in sheep.},
  author={Dennis H-T Chang and Leigh A Ladd and Kylie A Wilson and L Gelgor and Laurence E. Mather},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
  volume={91 3},
UNLABELLED In preclinical pharmacological studies of levobupivacaine (S-bupivacaine), we determined its tolerability, cardiovascular actions, and pharmacokinetics, and we estimated its margin of safety compared with bupivacaine in conscious sheep. Levobupivacaine HCl. H(2)O was infused IV for 3 min into 10 previously instrumented ewes (approximately 50 kg). On subsequent days, the doses were increased by 50 mg from 200 or 250 mg until fatality occurred. All doses produced convulsions, QRS… CONTINUE READING