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Tolbutamide and mephenytoin hydroxylation by human cytochrome P450s in the CYP2C subfamily.

  title={Tolbutamide and mephenytoin hydroxylation by human cytochrome P450s in the CYP2C subfamily.},
  author={M. Relling and T. Aoyama and F. Gonzalez and U. Meyer},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={252 1},
Previous biochemical studies have suggested that tolbutamide and mephenytoin are metabolized by the same cytochrome P450 enzyme. Conversely, clinical studies indicate the involvement of different P450 forms in tolbutamide and mephenytoin metabolism. Our objective was to elucidate further those P450 enzymes responsible for hydroxylation of these two drugs. We studied both tolbutamide and (S)-mephenytoin hydroxylation in microsomes from 38 different normal adult human livers, and found large… Expand
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  • S. Lee, J. Slattery
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological fate of chemicals
  • 1997
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