Toilet training age and influencing factors: a multicenter study.

  title={Toilet training age and influencing factors: a multicenter study.},
  author={H{\"u}seyin Tarhan and {\"O}zg{\"u}r {\"O}ztop Çakmak and İlker Akarken and Rahmi G{\"o}khan Ekin and Sıtkı {\"U}n and Derya Uzelli and Mehmet Akif Helvacı and Nejat Aksu and {\"O}nder Yavaşcan and Fatma Mutlubaş {\"O}zsan and Selma Cun and Feyza Koç and {\"O}zlem {\"O}zkarakaş and Yusuf {\"O}zlem Ilbey and Ferruh Zorlu},
  journal={The Turkish journal of pediatrics},
  volume={57 2},
To determine toilet training age and the factors influencing this in our country, 1500 children who had completed toilet training were evaluated in a multicenter study. The mean age of toilet training was 22.32 ± 6.57 months. The duration it took to complete toilet training was 6.60 ± 2.20 months on the average. In univariant analysis, toilet training age… CONTINUE READING