Together we stand apart: Island and mainland Puerto Rican independentistas

  title={Together we stand apart: Island and mainland Puerto Rican independentistas},
  author={Case Haub and B. V. Kay},
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Feminism and the Puerto Rican Independence Movement since the 1950s. From Unrequited Love to a Matching Pair

This analysis explores the evolution of the relationship between feminism and the Puerto Rican independence up to today, with the Nationalist Revolts of 1950s as a starting date. As a “unincorporated



The Puerto Rican Nation on the Move: Identities on the Island and in the United States

Puerto Ricans maintain a vibrant identity that bridges two very different places - the island of Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland. Whether they live on the island, in the States, or divide time

The Legal Construction of Identity: The Judicial and Social Legacy of American Colonialism in Puerto Rico

This book investigates the construction of social reality in the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico over the past 100 years.

The Location of Culture

Acknowledgements, Introduction: Locations of culture, 1. The commitment to theory, 2. Interrogating identity: Frantz Fanon and the postcolonial prerogative, 3. The other question: Stereotype,

National Performances: The Politics of Class, Race, and Space in Puerto Rican Chicago

Military power and popular protest : the U.S. Navy in Vieques, Puerto Rico

A Strategic Colony on the Margins of the Empire * Cultural Identity in Vieques * The Fishermen's War * We Are a Species on the Verge of Extinction: The Aftermath of the Fishermen's Crusade *

History of Puerto Rico: A Panorama of Its People

This book traces Puerto Rico's history from its geological formation (to the 21st century). It covers recent research on topics such as the island's Indian culture, the nationalist movement, and the

None of the Above: Puerto Ricans in the Global Era

NATIONALISM WITHOUT A NATION-STATE The Absent State F.Pico Nation, Migration, Identity J.Duany Sailing the USS Titanic: Puerto Rico's Unique Insertion into Contemporary Globalization Trends J.Benson

Law transformed: Guantánamo and the ‘other’ exception

Abstract Guantánamo Bay is almost unanimously seen as an exceptional space inhabited by ‘bare life’. This article unpacks the double rendering of the exception in Carl Schmitt's work and argues that

Poet and Politician of Puerto Rico: Don Luis Muñoz Marín

  • 1995

(radio program recorded sept

  • 2005