Toebi and Antimatter

  • Kimmo Rouvari
  • Published 2014


Current knowledge of antimatter has been a roadblock for the real understanding of antimatter. Antimatter is generated with high energy devices like particle colliders and proton guns. But those devices are definitely not needed because particle is its antiparticle, it all depends on particle’s spin vector. ToEbi and Antimatter Theory of Everything by illusion (ToEbi) [1] gives deeper knowledge and effective method for antimatter utilization. Key component in annihilation process is the spin vector orientation between particles. Based on ToEbi, particle and its antiparticle push each other away (II Law of ToEbi). That information alone opens huge opportunities. Spin phenomenon extends itself on stellar objects as well. Different spin directions between galaxies explains why Universe has an increasing expansion rate, in other words, no need for dark energy. Because of different spin directions particle and its antiparticle won’t contact and annihilate too easily. Weak spots are particle’s spin axis poles. In normal conditions, particles with same spin direction won’t annihilate when put together poles head-on. Particles just change their spin vector orientations due to the movement of FTEP flux from particles. Spin vectors point to the same direction hence the FTEP flux flows to the same direction and pulling force won’t be generated. In case of different spin directions, things change drastically. Different spin directions mean that particles will generate denser FTE between them. In other words, they will generate pulling force. Inadequate supportive repulsion on spin axis poles leads to annihilation of the particles. During annihilation process two things occur. At first, small distance (possibly physical contact in ToEbi sense) between particles causes a change to their spin vector orientations, which ultimately leads to repulsive interaction. At second, due to conservation of energy, if particle loses some of its mass, at the same time, it increases its spin frequency (due to stored kinetic energy). Phenomenon is observable for example in electron annihilation process. Electron loses mass all the way down to Planck constant value (without its units) but increases its spin frequency accordingly. Another option for a particle, during the annihilation process, is to store used collision energy in a form of increased mass.

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