Toddler Verb Learning Study


Sometime over the last six months, your child participated in one of our studies. We are writing first of all to THANK YOU for your participation. We couldn’t do our research without your help and we really appreciate your interest in our work. We also wanted to let you know what what’s been going on at our lab. We are very excited about the recent opening of our new research space in the Vanserg building. It has a great play-space with a toy tree house, and two new high-tech re-orientation rooms that we have just begun to use. Vanserg is our THIRD research space on Harvard’s campus – we hope you have a chance to see all the places we’re working! In this newsletter, you will find out the results of several different studies that are ongoing or recently completed in our lab. Your child participated in one or more of these studies, and we wanted to let you know what we’ve learned so far.

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