Tobamovirus evolution: gene overlaps, recombination, and taxonomic implications.

  title={Tobamovirus evolution: gene overlaps, recombination, and taxonomic implications.},
  author={Robert T. Lartey and Ty C. Voss and U. Melcher},
  journal={Molecular biology and evolution},
  volume={13 10},
Tobamoviruses, mostly isolated from solanaceous plants, may represent ancient virus lineages that have codiverged with their hosts. Recently completed nucleotide sequences of six nonsolanaceous tobamoviruses allowed assessment of the codivergence hypothesis and support a third subgroup within tobamoviruses. The genomic sequences of 12 tobamoviruses and the partial sequences of 11 others have been analyzed. Comparisons of the predicted protein sequences revealed three clusters of tobamoviruses… CONTINUE READING
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