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To the Effective Properties Estimation of Materials

  title={To the Effective Properties Estimation of Materials},
  author={G. M. Zhuravlev and Aleksandr Sergeyev and Aleksandr Y. Gvozdev and D. A. Provotorov and N. N. Sergeyev and Aleksandr N. Privalov},
  • G. M. Zhuravlev, Aleksandr Sergeyev, +3 authors Aleksandr N. Privalov
  • Published 2016
  • Materials Science
  • On the modern stage, the layer-by-layer production of components using additive technologies became possible. Such components do not require mechanical modifications, but can be deformed by plastic form change. Influence analysis of technological parameters, the degree of deformation, tool geometry, deformation velocity, friction coefficient on the kinematics of material flow, strain-stress state of the blank and the force conditions will help to optimize the process of components manufacturing… CONTINUE READING

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