To the Editor.

  title={To the Editor.},
  author={Jeremy I Simon and Harla K. O’Donnell and Zach Broyer},
  journal={Pain medicine},
  volume={19 2},

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Logic gates in excitable media
The interaction of chemical waves propagating through capillary tubes is studied experimentally and numerically. Certain combinations of two or more tubes give rise to logic gates based on input and
Chemical processor for computation of voronoi diagram
In the paper we show how to approximate the Voronoi diagram of a finite set of planar points in a chemical processor consisting of an agar-palladium thin layer and potassium iodide liquid diffusing
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The properties of excitable media are exploited to find minimum-length paths in complex labyrinths using the collection of time-lapse position information on chemical waves propagating through mazes prepared with the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction.
Involutes: the geometry of chemical waves rotating in annular membranes.
A simple geometrical model of wave propagation based on the Fermat principle is suggested and it is shown that the wave fronts in the case of an annular excitable region should be purely involutes of the central obstacle in the asymptotic state.
Logical and arithmetic circuits in Belousov-Zhabotinsky encapsulated disks.
Chemical analogs of elementary logic and arithmetic circuits created entirely from interconnected arrangements of individual BZ encapsulated cell-like disk are presented.