To the Continuum and Beyond : Structure of U Nuclei

  title={To the Continuum and Beyond : Structure of U Nuclei},
  author={Richard O Hughes and C. W. Beausang and Tommy Ross and J. H. T. Burke and N. D. Scielzo and M. Shamsuzzoha Basunia and C. M. Campbell and R. J. Casperson and Helen Crawford and Jonathan Munson and Larry Phair and Jennifer J Ressler},
An experiment was performed at the 88-inch cyclotron at LBNL to investigate the structure of uranium isotopes and concurrently test the so-called surrogate ratio method. A 28 MeV proton beam was used to bombard U and U targets and the outgoing light ions were detected using the STARS silicon telescope allowing isotopic assignments and the excitation energy… CONTINUE READING