To talk of many things: of vuvuzelas and other matters.


b o c t t a a a h U c T a he inherent human competitive streak, personal and vicarious, is exhibited in its full glory in the football World Cup, a truly global competition that raises patriotism, tribalism, and commercialism otheultimate level. Why am I interested?Well firstly, I played the game as a child and have oursons,andalthoughallbutoneareavidfootballfans,theyhavethrough he years also drilled their mother as well on who’s who in football and bout the players’ careers, and she was “not allowed” not to know all the inutedetails.Thisincludedwatchingthe1990WorldCupinasnowyhaze n television. Why, you might ask? This channel was the only reception ossible forSouthAfricansonnonpay televisionat the timeofsevere isolaion. When theapplication tohost theWorldCupwasmadebySouthAfrica, here had already been monumental changes, and it followed successful orldCupbids in rugby andalso cricket, but this bidwasdifferent. Itwas owfor thegamefollowedbythemajorityof thepopulation,andthegame layed by all ages in the alleys and any dusty open spaces, anywhere and verywhereinthissadlydividedcountryandnation,as itwas,andsadlystill s. The separationwason racial and sociopolitical grounds in thepast and nancial in thepresent.Whatwas thesuccessfulbidgoing tobring? AsaSouthAfricanoutsidethecountry,onehadtorelyonmediareports, nfrequent trips back to South Africa, and conversations with friends and elatives about the anticipated event and how it was being received and repared for. Allwas so familiar and yet sodistant because of beingout of he country. The overwhelming belief was this single event was going to ositively alter the financial climate in amanner similar to themiraculous olitical transformationsof the1990s.Thefearwastheexposureofvisitors o the crime, violence, and road traffic carnage still pervading parts of the ountry and then the extreme negative consequences and publicity that ould follow. The national mood was one of euphoria and high anticipa-

DOI: 10.1016/j.wneu.2010.07.034

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