To play or not to play: a personal dilemma in pathological gambling.

  title={To play or not to play: a personal dilemma in pathological gambling.},
  author={Cinzia Giorgetta and Alessandro Grecucci and Andrea Rattin and Cesare Guerreschi and Alan G. Sanfey and Nicolao Bonini},
  journal={Psychiatry research},
  volume={219 3},
Research has shown that healthy people would rather avoid losses than gamble for even higher gains. On the other hand, research on pathological gamblers (PGs) demonstrates that PGs are more impaired than non-pathological gamblers in choice under risk and uncertainty. Here, we investigate loss aversion by using a rigorous and well-established paradigm from the field of economics, in conjunction with personality traits, by using self-report measures for PGs under clinical treatment. Twenty… CONTINUE READING
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