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To appear in Philosophical Psychology

  title={To appear in Philosophical Psychology},
  author={R. Grush},
It is the aim of work in theoretical cognitive science to produce good theories of what exactly cognition amounts to, preferably theories which not only provide a framework for fruitful empirical investigation, but which also shed light on cognitive activity itself, which help us to understand our place, as cognitive agents, in a complex causally determined physical universe. The most recent such framework to gain significant fame is the so-called dynamical approach to cognition (henceforth DST… Expand

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A Dynamical Systems Perspective on Agent-Environment Interaction
  • R. Beer
  • Computer Science
  • Artif. Intell.
  • 1995
A general theoretical framework for the synthesis and analysis of autonomous agents is sketched, in which an agent and its environment are modeled as two coupled dynamical systems whose mutual interaction is in general jointly responsible for the agent's behavior. Expand
Cybernetics, or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine.
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