To Love and Be Loved: Considering Black Masculinity and the Misandric Impulse in Toni Morrison's Beloved

  title={To Love and Be Loved: Considering Black Masculinity and the Misandric Impulse in Toni Morrison's Beloved},
  author={Nancy Kang},
  pages={836 - 854}
  • N. Kang
  • Published 22 August 2003
  • Art
  • Callaloo
This article seeks both to reassert and reassess the importance of the masculine presence in Toni Morrison's Beloved. It does so by examining a thematics of misandry. The hatred or phobia of men, as well as the literary engagement with its problematics, stand as part of a larger consideration of black social formation during the instabilities of the post-bellum period. Discussing misandry partakes in a counter-discourse that acknowledges the primacy of feminist readings of the text while… 
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