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To Have or to Be

  title={To Have or to Be},
  author={Erich Fromm.},
In search of the true self.
The aim of the present essay is to compare the meaning and the supposed origin of the Self, ontologically intended, between some of the most prominent psychologists and the main philosophical andExpand
(Re)conceptualizing Love: Moving Towards a Critical Theory of Love in Education for Social Justice
Through reflection on critical incident involving a social justice educator, this reflexive essay examines the role of love and its implications on social justice education, pedagogy, and praxis.Expand
A sign of the times: To have or to be? Social capital or social cohesion?
An overview of the evolution of the conceptualization of social capital and social cohesion is provided and philosopher Erich Fromm's distinction between "having" and "being" is used to understand the current research focus on capital over cohesion. Expand
Kids Greening Taupō: Conservation Education Based on a Collaborative Community Model
.................................................................................................................... i AcknowledgementsExpand
Beyond behaviour change: technological artefacts and characterological development
Addressing the root causes of (un)sustainability entails fundamentally changing our ways of living. This requires going beyond technology and behaviour-oriented approaches common under the umbrellaExpand
We Shouldn't Even Know Each Other: A Scholarly Personal Narrative of the Development of Deeply Reciprocal Relationships Across Differences of Race and Class
v. Actionable Freedom Greene (1988) and Bauman (1988) effectively deconstructed my idea of freedom, and also helped me construct a new one. In speaking about individual freedoms, Greene argued thatExpand
Concept of Dual Traceable Ownership System (DTOS) as a Sustainable Design for Product Recycling
According to statistics by Angus Madison at the Groningen Growth and Development Centre, world population has increased four-fold, and the level of global GDP in 2000 was 19 times the level it was inExpand
Grounding Assessment in Authentic Pedagogy: A Case Study of General Education Assessment
The purpose of the study was to understand how instructors of general education courses, seeking to improve student learning, integrate assessment into their pedagogy. These assessment approaches,Expand


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The History of Childhood
This publication is intended for professionals training or practicing in mental health and not for the general public. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily representExpand
The Gift Relationship: From Human Blood to Social Policy
Professor Titmuss, an eminent English social theorist, believes that man is inherently altruistic and that the duty of government is to create that social and economic climate which best channelsExpand
Die Einheit von Vita Activa and Vita Contemplativa
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