Tmt1: the first LTR-retrotransposon from a Tuber spp.

  title={Tmt1: the first LTR-retrotransposon from a Tuber spp.},
  author={Claudia Riccioni and Andrea Rubini and Beatrice Belfiori and Valentina Passeri and Francesco Paolocci and Sergio Arcioni},
  journal={Current Genetics},
Retrotransposons are suitable targets for developing molecular markers for population genetics studies. Transposable elements have not yet been isolated from ectomycorrhizal fungi of the genus Tuber. In this paper, we report on the isolation and characterization of Tmt1, an LTR-retrotransposon from Tuber melanosporum. The Tmt1 sequence shows relatedness to Ty3/gypsy retrotransposons from which it differentiates for the presence of a dUTPase extra-domain between protease and reverse… CONTINUE READING