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Title The optimization of DC fast charging deployment in California Permalink

  title={Title The optimization of DC fast charging deployment in California Permalink},
  author={Peter J. Willette and Biron Ca and Brendan Shaffer and Scott Samuelsen},

Strategic Decision Making: Applying the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Strategic Decision Makingprovides an effective, formal methodology that provides help with decision making problems, especially strategic ones with high stakes involving human perceptions and

Energy Maps of California—California Energy Commission

  • accessed Mar. 28, 2014, http://www.energy.ca.gov/maps/ Journal of Energy Resources Technology NOVEMBER 2015, Vol. 137 / 062204-9 Downloaded From: http://energyresources.asmedigitalcollection.asme.org/ on 09/13/2016 Terms of Use: http://www.asme.org/about-asme/terms-of-use
  • 2014

California's Hydrogen Infrastructure Funding Program

Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Plant Location Selection: An Integrated Delphi–AHP–PROMETHEE Methodology

Selection of the appropriate plant location requires joint consideration of multiple alternatives and evaluation criteria because of the system complexity in manufacturing companies. Assessment


A novel methodology is structured to solve plant location selection by using AHP and VIKOR in order to make the best use of information available, either implicitly or explicitly.

Plant Location Selection by Using a Three-Step Methodology: Delphi-AHP-VIKOR

A methodology to solve the plant location selection problem by using Delphi, AHP and improved VIKOR to select the most influential criteria by a few decision makers is presented.