• Published 2017

Title Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping Project . V . Optical Spectroscopic Campaign and Emission-line Analysis for NGC 5548 Permalink

  title={Title Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping Project . V . Optical Spectroscopic Campaign and Emission-line Analysis for NGC 5548 Permalink},
  author={Liu Pei and Michael M. Fausnaugh and Aaron J. Barth and Bradley M. Peterson and Misty C. Bentz and Gisella de Rosa and Kelly D. Denney and Michael R. Goad and Christopher S. Kochanek and Kirk T. Korista and Gerard Anthony Kriss and Richard William Pogge and Vardha Nicola Bennert and Mike Brotherton and Kelsey I. Clubb and Elena Dalla Bonta' and Alexei V. Filippenko and Jenny E. Greene and Catherine J. Grier and Marianne Vestergaard and W. Zheng and Scott M. Adams and Thomas G. Beatty and Andrew Bigley and Jacob E. Brown and John Seely Brown and Gabriela Canalizo and Julia Marie Comerford and Carl T. Coker and Enrico Maria Corsini and Stephen Croft and Kevin V. Croxall and Alis J. Deason and Mike Eracleous and Ori D. Fox and Elinor Louise Gates and C. Michael B. Henderson and E. Holmbeck and T. W.-S. Holoien and Jens Juel Jensen and Colin A Johnson and Patrick L. Kelly and S. Kim and A. King and Marie Wingyee Lau and Miao Li and Cassandra Lochhaas and Zhiyuan Ma and Emily R. Manne-Nicholas and Jon C. Mauerhan and M. A. Malkan and R. Mcgurk and Leonardo Morelli and Ana Mosquera and Dale Mudd and F. M. Sanchez and Manh Linh Nguyen and Paolo Ochner and Binjie Ouyang and A. Pancoast and Matthew T. Penny and Alvise Pizzella and Rados law Poleski and Jessie C. Runnoe and Briony Scott and J{\'a}derson da Silva Schimoia and B J Shappee and Isaac S. Shivvers and Gregory V. A. Simonian and Alessandro Siviero and Garrett Somers and Daniel J. Stevens and Michael A. Strauss and Jamie Tayar and Nicolas Tejos and T Treu and J. van Saders and Laura Vican and S. Villanueva and H. Yuk and Nadia L. Zakamska and Wenming Zhu and Mitchell D. Anderson and Philip Arevalo and C. Bazhaw and Susanna Bisogni and George A. Borman and Mark Clinton Bottorff and William N. Brandt and Alice A. Breeveld and E. M. Cackett and Michael T. Carini and Daniel Michael Crenshaw and Adriana de Lorenzo-C'aceres and Matthias Dietrich and Richard L. Edelson and N. V. Efimova and Justin Ely and P A Evans and Gary J. Ferland and Kelsi Flatland and Niels Gehrels and Scott Geier and Jonathan Mark Gelbord and Dirk Grupe and Arvind Gupta and Patrick B. Hall and S. Hicks and D. Horenstein and Keith Horne and Tom Hutchison and Myungshin Im and Michael D. Joner and Jeff Jones and J. Kaastra and Shai Kaspi and Brandon C. Kelly and Jamie A. Kennea and Myung-Gyu Kim and S. C. Kim and S. A. Klimanov and J. C. Lee and Douglas Christopher Leonard and P. Lira and F. Macinnis and Sunil Mathur and Hardy and C. Montouri and Raina Musso and S. V. Nazarov and Hagai Netzer and R. P. Norris and John A. Nousek and D. N. Okhmat and I. Papadakis and J. Robert Parks and J.-U. Pott and Stephen E. Rafter and H-W. Rix and Daniel A. Saylor and K. Schn{\"u}lle and Sergey G. Sergeev and Martin Siegel and Andreas Skielboe and Meghin Spencer and D. Starkey and H.-I. Sung and K. G. Teems and Clay S. Turner and Phil Uttley and Carolin Villforth and Yuval Weiss and J.-H. Woo and Haopeng Yan and Snm Young and Yan Zu},
We present the results of an optical spectroscopic monitoring program targeting NGC 5548 as part of a larger multi-wavelength reverberation mapping campaign. The campaign spanned six months and achieved an almost daily cadence with observations from five ground-based telescopes. The Hβ and He II λ4686 broad emission-line light curves lag that of the 5100 Å optical continuum by 4.17 −0.36 days and 0.79 −0.34 days, respectively. The Hβ lag relative to the 1158 Å ultraviolet continuum light curve… CONTINUE READING