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Title Least costly closed-loop performance diagnosis and plant re-identification Permalink

  title={Title Least costly closed-loop performance diagnosis and plant re-identification Permalink},
  author={A. Mesbaha and X. Bomboisb and M. Forgioneb and H. Hjalmarssonc and P. M. J. V. D. Hofd},


Input design via LMIs admitting frequency-wise model specifications in confidence regions
A framework for reformulating input design problems in prediction error identification as convex optimization problems is presented, allowing for statements such as "with at least 99% probability the model quality specifications will be satisfied". Expand
System Identification: Theory for the User
Das Buch behandelt die Systemidentifizierung in dem theoretischen Bereich, der direkte Auswirkungen auf Verstaendnis und praktische Anwendung der verschiedenen Verfahren zur Identifizierung hat. DaExpand
Least costly identification experiment for control
All approaches to optimal experiment design for control have so far focused on deriving an input signal (or input signal spectrum) that minimizes some control-oriented measure of plant/model mismatchExpand
Closed-loop performance diagnosis for model predictive control systems
The time-varying dynamics of real systems often limit the life-time performance of model predictive control applications. A critical step for cost-effective maintenance of control systems is toExpand
A Chernoff relaxation on the problem of application-oriented finite sample experiment design
This paper focuses on the identification of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) wireless channel models based on a general L-optimality type of performance measure and attempts convexification by employing a Chernoff relaxation. Expand
A comparison study of basic data-driven fault diagnosis and process monitoring methods on the benchmark Tennessee Eastman process
Abstract This paper provides a comparison study on the basic data-driven methods for process monitoring and fault diagnosis (PM–FD). Based on the review of these methods and their recentExpand
Determining the state of a process control system: Current trends and future challenges
In many industrial plants, multiple, interconnected control loops are common. Their maintenance and improvement requires detailed controller performance assessment to determine not only whether theyExpand
Monitoring, fault diagnosis, fault-tolerant control and optimization: Data driven methods
This paper looks at recent advances in the use of data-driven models built from historical data for monitoring, fault diagnosis, optimization and control using latent variable models. Expand
Survey on data-driven industrial process monitoring and diagnosis
  • S. Qin
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Annu. Rev. Control.
  • 2012
A state-of-the-art review of the methods and applications of data-driven fault detection and diagnosis that have been developed over the last two decades are provided to draw attention from the systems and control community and the process control community. Expand
Actuator fault tolerant multi-controller scheme using set separation based diagnosis
A new FDI principle is proposed which exploits the separation of sets that characterise healthy system operation from sets thatcharacterise transitions from healthy to faulty behaviour to provide pre-checkable conditions for guaranteed fault tolerance of the overall multi-controller scheme. Expand