Titin is an extraordinarily long, flexible, and slender myofibrillar protein.

  title={Titin is an extraordinarily long, flexible, and slender myofibrillar protein.},
  author={K Wang and Ruben Ramirez-Mitchell and D. C. Palter},
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" Titin " is a term used to describe a pair of closely related megadalton polypeptides that together are the third most abundant myofibrillar protein in a wide range of striated muscles. It has been proposed that titin and another giant protein, nebulin , are the major components of an elastic cytoskeletal lattice within the sarcomere. We have now purified the leading band, titin -2 (T2), of the titin doublet in native forms by extraction with Guba -Straub solution followed by chromatography… 

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Titin : A Myofibrillar/Cytoskeletal Protein of Gigantic Proportions

Titin is not only the largest molecular weight muscle protein known, but together with nebulin they are the third most abundant myofibrillarkytoskeletal proteins, being about 15% of the total. Also,

Connectin, an elastic filamentous protein of striated muscle.

Role of titin in vertebrate striated muscle.

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It is suggested that, due to the limited conformational space, elongation and compression of the molecule within the sarcomere occur in a more ordered way or with higher viscosity and higher forces than are observed in solution studies of the isolated protein.

Sarcomere-Associated Cytoskeletal Lattices in Striated Muscle

The purpose of this chapter is to outline and develop key evidence that has led to the notion that the sarcomere contains two sets of distinct cytoskeletal filaments that are continuous and extensible.

Titin, a huge, elastic sarcomeric protein with a probable role in morphogenesis

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In the developing sarcomere, accumulating evidence from studies both in vivo and in vitro implicates titin as part of a morphogenetic scaffolding, upon which critical events in myofibrillogenesis are coordinated in a time‐ and spacedependent manner.

Titin and Nebulin in Thick and Thin Filament Length Regulation.

The history and the current state of ideas related to the mechanism of size regulation of the thick and thin filaments in vertebrate striated muscles are discussed, with evidence pointing to titin and nebulin stabilizing structures of the respective filaments.

Biochemical and Structural Properties of Titin , Nebulin and Intermediate Filaments in Muscle

The Z-line is a key structure of the myofibrils and of the overall skeletal muscle cell cytoskeleton and can be considered as “representing,” or taking the place of, the microfilaments of non-muscle cells.

Flexibility and extensibility in the titin molecule: analysis of electron microscope data.

Muscle elasticity derives directly from titin extensibility, which stems from three distinct types of spring-like behaviour of the I-band portion of the molecule. With progressively greater forces