Titin, a huge, elastic sarcomeric protein with a probable role in morphogenesis

  title={Titin, a huge, elastic sarcomeric protein with a probable role in morphogenesis},
  author={A. Fulton and W. Isaacs},
  • A. Fulton, W. Isaacs
  • Published 1991
  • Biology, Medicine
  • BioEssays
  • Titin, the largest protein identified to date (over 1 μm long, almost 3 million daltons in mass) is the third most abundant component of the sarcomere. In the mature myofibril, titin molecules span from M line to Z line, forming a third filament system which provides sarcomeric alignment and elastic recoil. In the developing sarcomere, accumulating evidence from studies both in vivo and in vitro implicates titin as part of a morphogenetic scaffolding, upon which critical events in… CONTINUE READING
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