Titers of ABO antibodies in group O blood donors

  title={Titers of ABO antibodies in group O blood donors},
  author={Natalia Dallaval Galv{\~a}o de França and M{\^o}nica Caama{\~n}o Cristov{\~a}o Poli and Patr{\'i}cia Guilhem de Almeida Ramos and Cl{\'a}udia Strang da Rocha Borsoi and Rafael Colella},
  booktitle={Revista brasileira de hematologia e hemoterapia},
BACKGROUND Plasma components of group O blood donations are rarely submitted to ABO antibody titrations even though it is well known that passively acquired antibodies may destroy the recipient's own red cells and tissue grafts. OBJECTIVE Thus, group O donations stratified by gender and age were randomly titrated to identify the best source of products for apheresis and exsanguinous transfusion. METHODS Samples from 603 blood donors were tested by ABO antibody titration using the… CONTINUE READING
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