Titanium/chromium oxide composite electrodes ― basic characteristics

  title={Titanium/chromium oxide composite electrodes ― basic characteristics},
  author={Fabian Beck and H. Schulz},
Ti sheet has been activated by the ceramic method, starting from solutions of Cr-III-chloride and Ti-IV-butanolate in isopropanole: A) via firing in air, TA = 350 – 750°C. B) As (A), but subsequent annealing in vacuum at TV = 450 – 850°C. Coulometric, chemical and X ray analysis led to the following results: Electrode A has a layer of α-Cr2O3 at TA ≥ 450°C, which is anodically oxidized in 1 M H2SO4. With slow cyclic voltammetry, half peak potential is Up/2 (SHE) = 1.77 V… CONTINUE READING