Titania-Promoted Carboxylic Acid Alkylations of Alkenes and Cascade Addition–Cyclizations

  title={Titania-Promoted Carboxylic
Acid Alkylations of Alkenes
and Cascade Addition–Cyclizations},
  author={David W. Manley and Roy T McBurney and Phillip Miller and John C Walton and Andrew Mills and Christopher O’Rourke},
  booktitle={The Journal of organic chemistry},
Photochemical reactions employing TiO2 and carboxylic acids under dry anaerobic conditions led to several types of C-C bond-forming processes with electron-deficient alkenes. The efficiency of alkylation varied appreciably with substituents in the carboxylic acids. The reactions of aryloxyacetic acids with maleimides resulted in a cascade process in which a pyrrolochromene derivative accompanied the alkylated succinimide. The selectivity for one or other of these products could be tuned to some… CONTINUE READING
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