Tissue-specific processing of neurotensin/neuromedin-N precursor in cat

  title={Tissue-specific processing of neurotensin/neuromedin-N precursor in cat},
  author={R. Carraway and S. P. Mitra and Terrence J. Joyce},
  journal={Regulatory Peptides},
  • R. Carraway, S. P. Mitra, Terrence J. Joyce
  • Published 1993
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Regulatory Peptides
  • Antisera were raised towards the putative N-terminal sequence of the canine precursor to neurotensin (NT) and neuromedin N (NMN), residues 24-35 in the pre-prohormone, as well as its C-terminal TAIL, residues 164-170. These were used in conjunction with previously developed immunoassays towards NT and NMN to characterize the precursor and to study its processing in feline brain, heart, adrenal and intestine. The precursor was identified as a 18 kDa protein that reacted with both the N- and C… CONTINUE READING
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    Pro-neurotensin/neuromedin N expression and processing in human colon cancer cell lines.
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    Differential processing of neurotensin/neuromedin N precursor(s) in canine brain and intestine.
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    Cloning and sequence analysis of cDNA for the canine neurotensin/neuromedin N precursor.
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