Tissue specific perfusion imaging using arterial spin labeling.

  title={Tissue specific perfusion imaging using arterial spin labeling.},
  author={John A. Detre and Wei Zhang and David M. Roberts and Afonso C. Silva and Donald S. Williams and D J Grandis and Alan P. Koretsky and John S. Leigh},
  journal={NMR in biomedicine},
  volume={7 1-2},
Quantitative magnetic resonance measurements of regional tissue perfusion can be obtained using magnetically labeled arterial water as a diffusable tracer. Continuous labeling is achieved in flowing spins using adiabatic inversion. The effects of continuous labeling of proximal arterial spins and T1 relaxation in distal tissue magnetization result in a steady-state change in tissue magnetization which is tissue specific, i.e., it can be quantified in units of blood flow per gram of tissue per… CONTINUE READING

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