Tissue-specific expression and post-translational modification of histone H3 variants.

  title={Tissue-specific expression and post-translational modification of histone H3 variants.},
  author={Benjamin A Garcia and Charles E Thomas and Neil L. Kelleher and Craig A Mizzen},
  journal={Journal of proteome research},
  volume={7 10},
Analyses of histone H3 from 10 rat tissues using a Middle Down proteomics platform revealed tissue-specific differences in their expression and global PTM abundance. ESI/FTMS with electron capture dissociation showed that, in general, these proteins were hypomodified in heart, liver and testes. H3.3 was hypermodified compared to H3.2 in some, but not all tissues. In addition, a novel rat testes-specific H3 protein was identified with this approach. 

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