Tissue quantification of CA 125 in epithelial ovarian cancer.

  title={Tissue quantification of CA 125 in epithelial ovarian cancer.},
  author={R S de la Cuesta and Marisa L Maestro and Jorge Solana and Jos{\'e} Antonio Vidart and M. Escudero and Enrique Iglesias and R R Valor},
  journal={The International journal of biological markers},
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The objectives of this study were the determination of CA 125 in the cytosol of healthy and carcinomatous ovarian tissue by immunoanalysis, analysis of its correlation with the biological characteristics of ovarian carcinoma, determination of serum CA 125 levels, and study of the prognostic value of the marker in cytosol. The levels of the marker depend not only on the tumor's production rate, so its determination in tissue can indicate more accurately if the tumor is a producer of the marker… CONTINUE READING