Tissue glycogen and lactate handling by the developing domestic fowl.

  title={Tissue glycogen and lactate handling by the developing domestic fowl.},
  author={F J Garc{\'i}a and Antoni Pons and Mari{\`a} Alemany and Catalina Pic{\'o}},
  journal={Comparative biochemistry and physiology. A, Comparative physiology},
  volume={85 1},
The levels of glycogen and lactate in liver, intestine, yolk sac membrane and leg and breast muscle of domestic fowl from day 10 of "in ovo" development to day 5 after hatching compared with adults have been measured and compared with the circulating concentrations in blood of glucose and lactate. Glycogen stores in most tissues increased before hatching to attain a minimum around the eclosion and then increased to adult values in muscle and liver. Lactate maintained its plasma concentrations… CONTINUE READING


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