Tissue factor mediates inflammation.

  title={Tissue factor mediates inflammation.},
  author={Arthur J. Chu},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={440 2},
  • Arthur J. Chu
  • Published 2005 in Archives of biochemistry and biophysics
The role of tissue factor (TF) in inflammation is mediated by blood coagulation. TF initiates the extrinsic blood coagulation that proceeds as an extracellular signaling cascade by a series of active serine proteases: FVIIa, FXa, and thrombin (FIIa) for fibrin clot production in the presence of phospholipids and Ca2+. TF upregulation resulting from its enhanced exposure to clotting factor FVII/FVIIa often manifests not only hypercoagulable but also inflammatory state. Coagulant mediators (FVIIa… CONTINUE READING
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