Tissue expansion in burn sequelae repair.

  title={Tissue expansion in burn sequelae repair.},
  author={Jo{\~a}o Medeiros Tavares Filho and Manoel Belerique and Diogo Franco and Carlos Alberto Porchat and Talita Franco},
  journal={Burns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries},
  volume={33 2},
Burns may cause emotional, aesthetic and functional sequelae. Extended or hypertrophic scars are usually difficult to repair using local tissues, and the use of skin grafts may cause further injuries to the donor sites. The use of tissue expanders may offer a better option in the treatment of burn sequelae. This is a report on our experience using tissue expanders in 54 cases (23 patients) of burn sequelae located in different anatomical areas. Fourteen of the patients were female and nine male… CONTINUE READING

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