Tissue distribution and elimination of trichlorobenzenes in the rat.


The tissue distribution and excretion of three trichlorobenzene isomers (TCB) were investigated in the rat. Single doses of TCBs were administered orally to groups of 5 fasted rats at 10 mg/kg body weight. Serial sacrifices were carried out and the radioactivity contents were determined in tissues and blood. For all three TCB isomers, radioactivity appeared in the blood and tissues at 0.5 h, and peaked around 2-4 h after dosing. Fat, skin, and liver had high concentrations of the parent compound while kidney and muscle had high levels of metabolites. Elimination of TCB from tissues and blood can best be described by a two-compartmental open pharmacokinetic model. The terminal half-lives were 145, 93 and 68 h for 1,2,3-, 1,2,4 and 1,3,5-TCB isomer respectively. Ninety-five percent of the administered 1,2,3- and 89% of the 1,3,5-isomers were eliminated within 48 h in the urine and feces with the former being the major route.

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