Tissue distribution, metabolism and excretion of paclitaxel in mice.

  title={Tissue distribution, metabolism and excretion of paclitaxel in mice.},
  author={Alex Sparreboom and Olaf van Tellingen and Willem J. Nooijen and Jos H. Beijnen},
  journal={Anti-cancer drugs},
  volume={7 1},
So far, all animal pharmacokinetic studies of paclitaxel, which used analytical procedures based on HPLC, have not been sensitive enough to quantify drug levels below 500 ng/ml. Consequently, the interpretation of the results is restricted because drug levels of paclitaxel as low as at least 50 nM (43 ng/ml) are relevant for the pharmacology of this drug. We recently described an accurate and very sensitive method based on HPLC for the determination of paclitaxel and the metabolites 3'-p… CONTINUE READING
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