Tissue cultures of Artemisia pallens: Organogenesis, terpenoid production

  title={Tissue cultures of Artemisia pallens: Organogenesis, terpenoid production},
  author={Brittany Benjamin and A. T. Sipahimalani and Mohan R. Heble},
  journal={Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture},
Germinated seedlings of Artemisia pallens gave three types of cultures on MS medium supplemented with different plant growth hormones. Medium containing BA+2,4-D stimulated unorganized callus; BA+IAA medium, semi-organized tissues interspersed with shoot buds; and BA+NAA+IAA medium, multiple shoot cultures. The in vitro shoots developed roots in medium devoid of growth hormones. TLC and GLC analysis of the tissue extracts showed that linalool was present in the cultured tissues, with maximum… CONTINUE READING