Tissue culture of isolated glomeruli from patients with glomerulonephritis.

  title={Tissue culture of isolated glomeruli from patients with glomerulonephritis.},
  author={Robert C. Atkins and Eric F. Glasgow and Stephen Roger Holdsworth and Napier M. Thomson and Wayne W Hancock},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={17 4},
To study aspects of glomerular cell response in varying types of glomerulonephritis, we evaluated isolated glomeruli from 101 normal and diseased adult human renal biopsy specimens in tissue culture. Glomerular cell outgrowths from normal glomeruli consisted of large stellate cells (type I) and smaller fusiform cells (type II). A very occasional cell (type III), which had the features of a macrophage, was seen. The cellular outgrowth from isolated glomeruli reflected the numbers and types of… CONTINUE READING
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